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Terms of Use of Easy URL shortener

Unauthorized Activities

The URL shortener of loki.at may NOT be used for the following activities:

We reserve the right to remove any short URL, if we believe that it violates the Terms of content or spirit of these terms or of fair usage (at our discretion). We can supply a usage that violates our Terms and Conditions, notify the competent authorities from exchanging information such as the IP address of the link-creator in its sole discretion. We further reserve the right, in the case of abusive use of our service users to block access to our website. In addition, shortened URLs can be erased retroactively, they should appear at some point on one of the blacklists of loki.at tested (blacklisting).

Excessive use

We ask you to limit the use of our services on an "adequate" level. Currently there is no fixed quantitative access restriction. However, please do not open several parallel connection from the same machine and OPERATION OF no excessive usage that leads to other users about service problems. We reserve the right to remove short URLs from our service and / or the user to lock in abusive behavior temporarily or permanently access to our website, if the use exceeds the considered by us as a reasonable measure.

Warranty and Liability

loki.at is a free service. There is no entitlement to warranty of any kind loki.at assumes no liability for any damages or problems arising from the use of the service. This refers in particular to a liability for any. Damage, loss of profit or other economic losses, arising as a result of any adjustment, non-availability, low performance of the service or on its own ereignenden the service data loss.

Privacy Policy

It will not collect personal data when using this site. Only required to operate the short URL service specifications, such as the long target URL is stored. Furthermore, the IP address of the computer (and similar usage data such as type of Internet browser / resolution), one of which is taken from the Service loki.at to complete, will be stored for the determination of the abusive use of the service, and to collect anonymous usage statistics. This data will not be disclosed to third parties.

We check the URLs and IP addresses of users for inclusion on blacklists to prevent spam. These blacklists can be operated by third parties.

The generated through our website short URLs are not private and should not be treated as such. They are accessible to everyone and can possibly be easily guessed. For this reason loki.at should not be used to create links to confidential information.

Anonymous statistics on the URLs submitted by you (such as the number of calls, creation date, etc.) are not treated as private and are each on the website.

The Site may contain advertising of third parties. Such advertisers may use technology such as cookies or web beacons, which allow access to information such as IP address, ISP, browser, etc., which are in turn used in the course of advertisements or choosing to Display Advertising.

Finally, the website makes loki.at use of protocols for server activity (server logs). These log files include the IP address of each computer, via which access to the site loki.at.

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